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Why does my cat go crazy and start running around the house when there is a thunderstorm?

Last night we had this huge storm, and my female cat usually sleeps by my side most of the night, or is otherwise quiet. While it was storming she went absolutely insane and was sprinting and sliding back and forth the length of the house. My male cat was completely calm, and actually seemed confused as to what the female was doing. What the !@#$?

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    Posted 5 months ago

    Cats are just like people. Some people get scared during thunderstorms and some dont.

      Posted 5 months ago

      Because thunder is a huge, unexplained noise and she can’t figure out where it’s coming from. It sounds like my two cats — one gets a little twitchy during storms, and one goes completely bonkers as he tries to find a good hiding place. In my case, though, it’s the male cat freaking out.

        Charlie M
        Posted 5 months ago

        it must go on a hype because of the sound as if your belly is rumbling! or maybe the shock and she is looking for somewhere to hide! if it happens again stick her under your quilt and if she stays still then that’s why, because she was looking for somewhere to hide! otherwise, she is one hypo cat! lol

          Christy C
          Posted 5 months ago

          A lot of animals are affected by the change in the barometric pressure, which happens both before and during storms. It sounds like your other cat just isn’t bothered. It’s normal, a lot of them do it!

            Posted 5 months ago

            my dogs get scared of thunderstorms too.
            you have to understand that their hearing is way more advanced their ours, what we hear is only a fraction of what they do.
            also, they don’t know what it is, and they can’t even imagine what it is. all they think is that it’s big and loud and could be an enemy.
            just try to hold your cat and keep calm, eventually your calmness will spread to her and she will understand it’s ok and safe. :) good luck!

              Old Fart
              Posted 5 months ago

              He is scared shi%less.

                Posted 5 months ago

                He’s probably scared of the thunder. My dog is the same way except she usually hides under the bed or lays next to me shaking. I would coax the cat and love on her to let her know everything is ok. Animals have emotions just like us they get scared of certain things so when were scared we need someone to calm us and hold us. So I’d help her get over her fear.

                  Posted 5 months ago

                  my three of my cats sleep during thunder storms and three others go crazy and start rolling around like there is catnip on the ground. some cats get crazy when thunderstorms happen cause they sense a change in weather. i have read up on this for many years(two!)

                    Amanda S
                    Posted 5 months ago

                    I think that your cat feels very uncomfortable w/thunder storms.
                    I have a dog and he is too, scared of thunder storms, he’ll hide under someones bed or try to keep comfort by someone.

                    Also animals have a sense to when a storm is coming better than people, so maybe she gets a worse feeling whenever there is a thunder storm, so there for she gets scared to an extreme extent.

                    I probably just told you what u already knew but hopefully i helped you some how…

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