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What is the most intelligent horse breed?

It’s more of an opinion than fact question…I’m very much a dog person. In the dog world border collies are known for their extreme intelligence and willingness to learn. They’re not the only highly intelligent breed and there are many exceptions.

I want to know which horse breed do you think is the most intelligent? Also are they willing to learn/easy to teach?

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    Mulereiner #
    Posted 3 months ago

    Mules :)

    But im prejudiced lol

    If I had to say a horse,

    It would be arabian.

      Posted 3 months ago


        Posted 3 months ago

        I own a arab so i’ll say a arabian-lol they are so smart that they spook at deer-fine unless they move lol-then my mare thought she was a reiner-lol.They are sensitive and I think they learn quick they also know how to butter you up and take advantage of you if you let them-so be prepared.some will call them flighty-but I love riding a horse with some salsa to them.But yet around my children she will be as gentle as a lamb with them (they always ride with a helmet and never have full control-they are only 7&9) but that is just my opion-because I am parcial to arabs-LOL

          Posted 3 months ago

          Some consider the Arabian the most intelligent of all breeds of horse. Its shield-like bulge between the eyes, called the jibbah is said to allow for greater brain capacity. The Arabian possesses a long memory, quick comprehension, alert curiosity, resourcefulness and sociability.

            Posted 3 months ago

            I don’t know what breed he was but Mr Ed was pretty smart.

              Posted 3 months ago

              i think thoroughbreds or american quarter horses.

                Posted 3 months ago

                Arabians. I have worked with many, many breeds and they are the most responsive, connected and sensitive of all the horses I know. Highly intelligent, quick to learn, slow to forget, capable of revenge and also intense bonding.

                  Posted 3 months ago

                  Mules is a good one. But they are only half horse.

                  Ponies breeds have been know to be intelligent. If you make their life bad. They will do anything to get away from you. Plus will get you back.
                  If you leave them get away with stuff. They will.
                  Ponies have been the most overworked. And most abused of all the breeds of horses.
                  So they have a stong will. But I think they are the most loving of horses.
                  But all horses come from the same begaining so there is good and bad in each. So I do like them all.

                    Posted 3 months ago

                    I’ve got an Arab mare and a Morgan gelding and I’d say it’s a toss-up. My Arab picks up things very quickly and you really only have to show her anything once. However, my Morgan learned how to open the automatic fly sprayer in his stall, pull out the spray can and close the door again so that I didn’t know he had removed the can (he doesn’t like the noise it makes). I’d say that’s pretty darn smart.

                    PS – I duct taped it closed and then found teeth marks in the duct tape.

                      lisa m
                      Posted 3 months ago

                      I’d like to think Thoroughbreds and most people say Arabs but there is nothing more cunning and wily than a Shetland. They figure out everything very quickly and they’ll have your number before you even realize it.

                        Posted 3 months ago

                        I know that many experts consider Arabians the most intelligent breed of horse.

                        I personally think that Quarter Horses are really really smart, too, and I think that many other breeds have a super sense of intelligence – warmbloods, thoroughbreds, most pony breeds for sure, and definetly miniature horses. They are smart, too smart.

                          Posted 3 months ago

                          It honestly depends on who you ask. I have encountered lots of extremely intellegent horses, whether they are Arabs, Tb’s, Qh’s, Walkers…Most pony’s are also very intellegent, thought they also tend to be a little bit more stubborn (though I have met some very sweet and willing pony’s!). Just like dogs, most people will say that their breed is the best. It’s all opinion.

                            Michelle C
                            Posted 3 months ago

                            After years of rescueing horses & ponies of many breeds, have gotten to know a myriad of breeds that I’ve felt were brilliant animals. Horses, unlike dogs, are not hunters. So, their “fear factor” runs a bit higher, innately, for self preservations sake. Many people may see the reaction of fear in some horses as being less intelligent or skiddish, when , in actuality, it can be quite the opposite. The smarter the horse, the more difficult they may be, on some levels.

                            I vote for the Spanish Andalusian as the brightest breed….Ok, Ok….I raise them, and am completely biased. That said, The Pura Raza (PureSpanish) Horse is one of the oldest breeds in the world. It is also the breed that nearly every other breed has come from at one time or another. Stemming from the wild mustangs in the west, to various Arabian horses.

                            My own five are as individual in nature as any five syblings could ever be. Besides their chiseled beauty, they all share a great sense of nurture and memory. But, some are definately more laid back in their curiosity, while others more reactive in their same curiosities. For instance, my mare, Zafira, always approached everything with this beautiful curiosity of, ” Oh, what’s that? “, While her sister, Quita approached everything with, ” OH MY GOD! What IS that?!” Each required her own style of training, based on their different personalities. That said, I believe that if you listen to ANY animal, and know who they are first. Then train them with that knowledge of them in mind, all animals can become the best of their abilities, in trusting, patient and nurtureing hands.

                            Andalusians are extremely agile, gentle, and curios horses. Most are trained for performance, such as dance, or Haute Ecole. But can be lovely in any genre from Eventing, English, Western Pleasure, or Driving. Just my thoughts. :-)

                            Just a note: Andalusians ARE Iberian WARMBLOODS. They have become some of the best friends I will ever know. Just watching them nurture their young, and the antics of my stallion and prankster gelding, keep me in stitches over their creative brilliance. They have taught me a great deal on just how much they choose to learn, and how intelligently & creatively they use that knowledge to play tricks on each other and myself….Like taking the youngsters halters off, just to get them in trouble,…Unlatching gates & just innocently standing there, like, “What?” I didn’t do anything.”…Goosing the wild turkeys out o fthe pastures, but standing at attention and freezing in place when a snaping turtles takes a short cut to the pond. Lol, Guess those huge snouts remember the feeling.

                              Posted 3 months ago

                              well the most intelligent horse i’ve seen is an apendix. the horse i know comes to me when i call her name. she even knows when i have a treat.when i feel sad she walks up to me and lays her head on my shoulder.

                              p.s.- apendix is half quarter horse half thouroghbred

                                Posted 3 months ago

                                Shetland ponies are the only horses I know with a good sense of humor…we had one that would sneak up behind you then gallop in place. When you jumped & ran I swear he’d laugh at you. Another one accidently jumped into a tangle of barbed wire with a little girl on his back. Instead of freaking like most horses would, he carefully picked his way out inch by inch. Arabs & the rest are smart but I think Shetlands actually reason.

                                  Posted 3 months ago

                                  IMO, Arabians and foundation bred Appaloosas. People think Appaloosas are stubborn, but the truth is that you have to understand them and ask them to work for you. They won’t be bullied and they thrive on interesting work.

                                    carol b
                                    Posted 3 months ago

                                    i would have to say an Arabian or a morgan…

                                      Strive for Perfection
                                      Posted 3 months ago

                                      Alot of people think Arabs, but I don’t know many personally so I can’t say from experience if they are or not. Ponies, of all sorts, seem to be pretty damn smart. Personally I’m biased towards Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbred crosses, all of the ones I’ve met have been extremely intelligent in their own way.

                                        Posted 3 months ago

                                        Arabians, they are too smart for their own good! I actually don’t even own an Arab, so I am not being… we racists or any thing.

                                          Posted 3 months ago

                                          I think a Andalusian. Warm bloods also. I don’t think Arabs are. I have trained a few.

                                            Posted 3 months ago

                                            The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Everyone has their own opinion on which breed is the better breed. Comes down to personal preference. I think it doesn’t matter which breed, just the personality of the horse, just like people there are smart ones and then there are some where the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top if ya know what I mean. :-)

                                              Posted 3 months ago

                                              all about equal

                                                Posted 3 months ago

                                                You’re going to get a different answer from everyone.

                                                I would love to say warmbloods or Tbs, but if you want an unbiased, accurate answer, it would probably be a Quarter Horse. If you doubt me, go to a ranch watch them work. They have real cow sense. I don’t have a special attachment to QH’s, nor are they one of my favorite breeds just in case you were wondering.
                                                All horses are willing to learn!

                                                  Posted 3 months ago

                                                  Quarter Horses. They are easy to teach and very willing.

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