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What is the best car to purchase on the Android Drag Racing app?

Decent android game. If you have any tips please post those as well as car buying/upgrading tips. One thing I found out is that doing the race online driver vs. driver is an awesome and easy way to make cash and respect points. Also shifting into 2nd gear, once traction is found, instead of waiting for a perfect shift out of 1st is a good way to win most races.

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    Adam D
    Posted 6 months ago

    For Level 5 the Ferrari S99 with Turbo Stage 2, Weight Stage 2 and Wheels Stage 2 can not be beaten on the Half mile Face to Face online.

    The only car that can beat it is another car upgraded the exact same, and a better driver. ;)

    I saved up and bought the Audi R8.. Junk. I tried upgrading the Ferrari S99 to get it into the next level.. Junk.

    No idea where to go next. Saving up to 1.3 mil i guess.

      Posted 6 months ago

      The m3 is the same way for level 4, fully upgraded. Having a tough time with level 8. Have to spend so much and still can’t win.

        Posted 6 months ago

        Level 4 ditto on the maxed M3

        Level 5 maxed out Porsche 911
        (paid for the Brabus)

        Level 6 maxed our Brabus
        (paid for the level 8 stuff)

        Level 8 KgA level 5 turbo nox and tires, level 4 engine, intake and weight
        (pays for all the exotic stuff now, which takes forever to get – great at both lengths)

        Level 8 Henn, level 1 engine, turbo, intake – no nox, level 2 weight, level 1 tires
        (the Henn is quarter mile only though, no legs at all)

        Both level 8s come out to around $2.5mil.

        Wish I hadn’t tried moving up the Henn, to max it in level 10 takes so much and I liked it more as a level 8.

        Adam D – Tried your 599 suggestions but it bumped it to a 6 on the first turbo upgrade.

          Posted 4 months ago

          Steve what’s the kga? Only car I see is like 650k and my maxxed brabus is only worth 522

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