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What is the average cost of horse upkeep?

I really want a horse, but am worried about the costs. I was wondering about how much it would cost to board it? I most likely wouldnt be able to get out to feed it every day, so i would need to pay for all the daily services. I would probably like it to be able to go into the barn, but how expensive is that? I would probably want hay too. I would ride the horse anywhere from 3-7 times a month.

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    Posted 9 months ago

    You shouldn’t get a horse if your only gonna ride it 3-7 times a month.Just go for a ride..thats dumb

      Posted 9 months ago

      get someone to clean it for free, only thing that will cost is feed if you don’t live on a farm/in nature. cheaper than cars.

        Menard K
        Posted 9 months ago

        If you gotta ask …..

        oh well…

        REALLY, you gotta ask the people who board horses, the rates vary all over the place
        depending on where you are and what sort of service you expect.
        Look up the Horse Boarding outfits in your area and start making some phone calls.

        Good Luck

          Posted 9 months ago

          Oh wow…Well first of all. If all your going to do it just ride it only 3-7 times a month, it’s kind of a waist. :( but if you insist…On average, it somewhere between 300-600 a month. Not to mention the farrier visits and the vet visits. In some barns, you have to pay extra for things like blanketing and turn out. :) Hope this helps.

            Posted 9 months ago

            100-200 a month for board. 2-3 dollars for hay each bale if you have to supply it 17 bales at least pure month. Feed 10-20 bucks every two weeks. So are
            high estimate 291 a month but you could probably get cheaper. The first month though is expensive if you get the saddle, grooming supplies, bridle etc. Do you know how to care for a horse? If not I suggest checking a few local barns and see what they do until you know

            3-7 times riding make sure you have a horse that doesn’t get way too hot headed.
            You may even want to lease. That will give you money. Leasing out a horse but staying at the barn of your choice. The leasing could be paying for board to ride whenever. Or paying half. Or paying a few bucks to ride one day.

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