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What grade level do you think the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is?

    Posted 7 months ago

    idk, my teacher read it to us in 4th grade but i think if your reading it then maybe 6th and up not sure

      Posted 7 months ago

      I’d say probably 8th or 9th grade. Younger students could probably read it but I’d say that the average younger student would struggle with it. 8th/9th graders would probably have a little trouble with it too but I think it would probably be closer to their reading level.

        Posted 7 months ago

        hmm i had to read that in grade 6th i think….they are very good tho:)

        probably 5th-? grade

          Posted 7 months ago

          On average I’d say fourth grade. Maybe third. Which is not to say that older people can’t enjoy it. They can. I’m a teenager, and I love them. I know a lot of older people who love them, as well.

            Posted 7 months ago

            no, i disagree with mutly….its a lot easier than that! i would probably say 4/5….that’s about right for average readers.

              Posted 7 months ago

              i read the book back in 6th grade or 5th but yeah i mean it wasn’t hard for me to understand, and my interest in it was higher too, so yeah 5-6 is the best (:

                ʎʞɹınb ⋆
                Posted 7 months ago

                I think 3rd-6th grade.
                I read the whole series in fourth grade, and I had no problems with it at all.

                That’s about right because the recommended age for the book is 9-12.

                  Lindsey D
                  Posted 7 months ago

                  third….it’s recommended for 9-12 on amazon!

                    Posted 7 months ago

                    3rd grade

                      Louise C
                      Posted 7 months ago

                      I read it for the first time when I was eight, I am not sure exactly what grade that is in America, but I would think that it was most suitable for 8-11 year olds.

                        Posted 7 months ago

                        9. A lot of the symbolism would be lost to a child that young, but the kid would still be able to read and enjoy it as a fantasy adventure.

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