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How to get rid of rabbit urine stains off a rabbits feet?

I have a 3 month old rex/dwarf rabbit. He gets urine stains on his feet and we have tried everything! Especiallly the warm water and just wipe it off doesn’t work. It looks like its part of his fur now???? How do i get it completely off? Any secret tricks? Thanks!

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    Posted 8 months ago

    No tricks and you don’t need to, even for show if the stains are on the bottom. Keep the cage dry so that it doesn’t get worse

      Lealuu Lops
      Posted 8 months ago

      Distilled witch hazel is good – soak a cotton pad then wipe it off, change the pad until it doesn’t turn yellow anymore.

      You can also mix cornflour (cornstarch) into a paste with water and this is supposed to clean the feet too – although I have never used this one.

      Cornflour can also be sprinkled into the cage on top of shavings to encourage your rabbit to clean himself, try litter training him to & cleaning out the wet corner more often. Let him have plenty of free time out of the cage to minimize how often he can walk in the wee to get stained.

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