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How many pitbulls would it take to bring down a lion?

Now OBVIOUSLY im not goona group up a bunch of pitbulls and try and find some random lion in Africa somewhere lol this is just me being curious about the power on the lion and how many pitbulls could it fend off :)

Nope not into dog fighting either, it isnt a crime to be CURIOUS, just gotta say that before i get retarded comments!

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    Posted 7 months ago

    a pit bull would only need 2. one to distract and one to take down. in pit bull history you will find that that breed was breed by humans for a specific reason and that was to help take large bulls down that the man could not control on his own. They are a powerful breed and should be trained at an early age to be well manored b/c they can make a wonderful family pet!

      Posted 7 months ago

      @Crystle- No way in hell could two Pits kill a Lion. Pits weigh at least two hundred pounds less than a Lion, and a Pit’s skull can literally fit right in a Lion’s mouth. The only plus with a Pit vs Lion is the Pit is very agile, but wild cats are generally more instinctive

      The real American Pit Bull Terrier [Pit Bull] is a strong, agile dog but considering how much larger and more powerful a Lion is, the dog wouldn’t stand a chance. Could *ten* Pit Bulls take down a lion? Eh. I mean, the Pit Bull was originally bred in England. Lions were pretty rare in England, the first since the Romans was seen in Henry I’s royal menagerie. They were not bred to hunt and kill Lions; there was none (or little) wild Lions for a Lion-Hunter to be of any use. They were brought over to the United States by immigrants, and were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions. Yes, perhaps if there was a large group of them and they used true instincts and went for the hocks and the neck, but a better dog to bring down a Lion would be the Rhodesian Ridgeback- a breed *bred* for hunting Lions.

      True Pits were bred for hunting, not large game like Lions but they do still with-hold the hunting prey drive thus they COULD stand a chance, a SMALL chance but it is still a chance, to kill the Lion with a large pack of Pits.

        Posted 7 months ago

        Depends on the size of the lion. I would guess that 3-4 large pitbulls could take down a lion if it wasn’t too big. Pitbulls were bred to fight bulls one on one, so they are capable of doing quite a bit of damage. There was an episode in the news about two pitbulls killing horses pretty easily.
        They are extremely powerful dogs and have an immunity to pain, as well as something called “gameness” that makes them fight to the death. -That’s why people can beat them with a bat and they will not let go of their victim. When pitbulls get it in their head that they want to attack/kill something, they will not stop! There are reports of these dogs taking multiple(10+) gunshots and still trying to attack.
        The lion might be able to get one in it’s mouth, but they are so fast and strong the others would latch onto the lions neck and not let go.

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