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How many days does it take for a rabbit to give birth?

Okay,I dont know when my rabbits exactly mated.The first day I brought my 1 month old female rabbit home,I took my male rabbit out,He ran straight to the girl rabbit and started mating her.I separated them quickly(not that fast thoough).From what I heard rabbits mate very quickly!Can she be pregnant at 1 month??Then they were playing in my house and the male rabbit mated her again!Thanks!

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      Posted 9 months ago

      no, your rabbit cannot be pregnant. rabbits don’t become fertile till about 6-8 months of age. but the gestation period of a rabbit is 28-31 days. rabbits aren’t even supposed to be sold until 8 weeks of age, so your rabbit might end up mal nutritioned.Hope you have fun with your new bunny!!=)

        Blue Giants
        Posted 9 months ago

        I don’t understand how you can have a one month old rabbit. It shouldn’t have even been weaned at that age. If your rabbit really is 4 weeks old, it shouldn’t be fertile yet. Depending on the breed, the does (girls) become fertile between 16 weeks (4 months) and 8 months of age. She shouldn’t have a litter any earlier than 6 months (if she is a smaller breed) and 8 months (if she is a larger breed.)
        Keep her seperate from your boy. Having a litter too early can be very damaging to your girl.
        Gestation is 31 days from breeding to delivery. You can wean them any time after 6 weeks of age. (8-9 weeks for giant breeds.)
        If you do not intend to breed, then get him neutered and get her spayed. It’s healthier for both of them, then they can bond and live together.

          Posted 9 months ago

          A rabbit’s gestation period is 28-32 days. It’s easy for me to remember because it is exactly the same as the number of teeth they have 28-32. I always had to remember those numbers for showmanship in 4-H, so they are well engrained. Normally the rabbit will have the babies right at 30 days though. If the rabbit goes over 32 days it will not have babies. Also, you can normally tell by watching the rabbit’s stomach. A week or so before they are due you can usually see the stomach bulging a little.

          Another way to monitor is to monitor the weight. A pregnant doe will gain about a half pound to one pound over her pregnancy. Or you could do a palpation, but those are a little tricky to do.

          If your female rabbit is truly one month old, there is no way it should be pregnant. A one month old rabbit would hardly be ready to even be weaned from the mother. A rabbit that old would probably just have started eating pellets.

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