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How does a dog get outside to go go to the bathroom during the day?

When someone has a regular size dog that they keep in their home and they need to work 8 or more hours a day, how does their dog get out to go to the bathroom? Don’t dogs generally need to go at least every 6 hours?

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    I LOVE horses!!!!
    Posted 3 months ago

    buy a doggy door, it is great!!!

      Reece Braveheart Aussies
      Posted 3 months ago

      I have a dog door on my back door so my two dogs can go out every time they want to during the day. I have a fenced yard so they are safe.

        Posted 3 months ago

        either they have a doggy door or someone goes home to let the dog out, if not then the poor thing either holds it or does it inside the house.

          Posted 3 months ago

          Doggie Door! We have one for our Cat !

          Worth the money, and people who will move into your house after could be more interested as the door is a great thing to have

            Posted 3 months ago

            Depends on the dog – most dogs lie around and nap when you’re gone and they can go 8 hours, older dogs may not quite make it tho. If you are training her – watch how often she goes to the door when you have her during the weekends…also give her water in the a.m. but not while you are gone…if you are having accidents that may help….plz make sure she has enuf water to drink tho !! and remember how important it is when you get home to give her water again….besides, isn’t she making it thru the nite anyways? that’s more than 8 hrs.

              science chick
              Posted 3 months ago

              Either they don’t leave the dog alone that long or the dog is trained and conditioned well enough to hold it.

              Or they are the type to come here wondering why the dog is still peeing in its crate when they leave it in there for 10 hours…

                Posted 3 months ago

                Fit a dog door, easy. Although both my dogs last through the night and so should most dogs, unless there’s some physical problem.

                Er, you have a bathroom in your garden? Only in America!

                  Posted 3 months ago

                  My dogs need to “go” every 5 hours. Some people have a doggie door.

                    Posted 3 months ago

                    It sounds bad but my dogs hold it. I have a 30 lbs female and two 60 lb males. They are home for about 7 hours a day alone and they have just learned to hold it. If you don’t feed them right before you leave they won’t have to poop. and if you limit their water supply by giving ice cubes instead of water he won’t have to pee. this is what I do and it works. make sure you give your dog plenty of water and food when you get home though.

                      Alyssa B
                      Posted 3 months ago

                      my dog just holds it
                      never pees in the house or anything
                      just take him out when you get hom
                      or paper train it

                        Posted 3 months ago

                        Some dogs are good at holding it until 8 hrs. (If they are well trained.) But generally dogs should be allowed out to go every 6 hrs. I know sometimes we have left our dog alone for 8 hrs. and as soon as we got home we’d let her out and she would do her business and then we’d give her a treat. I guess people who are gone constantly more than 8 hrs. must have doggy doors or something.

                        (We accidentally left her alone 10 hrs. once and she still held it. Oops. Now we gave a relative a key just in case we go out of town and aren’t going to be home for awhile. They can let her out then. Doggie-sitters are good.)

                          Posted 3 months ago

                          They should be let out several times a day, but if someone is working 8 hours a day, then here’s what should happen:
                          - Doggy Door
                          - Only a small amount of water
                          - Fenced in / electric fence
                          It’s best to have someone there with the dogs, though, especially if there’s just one. What kind of a dog owner would leave their dogs alone that long every single day?

                            Posted 3 months ago

                            Actually my husband and I keep our schedules where someone is home most of the time, except when he is at home he often forgets to potty them before he leaves, sometimes schedules over lap and there are accidents or very anxious puppies when I get home, so far it works out pretty good.

                              Joy C
                              Posted 3 months ago

                              Doggie door, dog walker, or puppy pads should do the trick. An adult dog should be able to hold their bladder for 8 hours, but not more. The doggie door is the best if you have a fenced in yard.

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