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How do I stop my hamster from chewing on her excersize wheel?

My hamster is alsays chewing on her metal excersize wheel. I have tried giving her wooden chew toys, as suggested. She totally ignores them, and goes straight to chewing the excersize wheel!! I am getting very annoyed, and I really need to find out how to make her stop.
I can’t take the wheel out, it is her only source of exercize. Also, I heard chewing on metal can dislodge her teeth. Is that true?

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    Nathan W
    Posted 3 months ago

    take her exercise wheel out of the cage if she doen’t use it

      Argenis G
      Posted 3 months ago

      give her cardboard or a dog biscuit to trim the teeth

        Posted 3 months ago

        just take the wheel out of the cage

          Posted 3 months ago

          you cant all hamsters chew on those wheels

            Posted 3 months ago

            It is completely normal for a hamster to chew on her wheel and dont do anything to stop her. Thats actually a pretty dumb question. If your hamster doesnt chew on anything their teeth will eventually grow threw their jaw. I suggest you get it some wood chews

              Posted 3 months ago

              i have a perfect solution. get a plastic one. they are silent wheels. they are a little expensive but you can get them at any pets smart and they work perfectly. they are all plastic and there is no way a hamster can chew on them. they also work two ways: they have a stander that stands them up in a cage with bars, and the have a clip that clips onto the bars. they are really cool.

                Posted 3 months ago

                you can get a liquid that tastes like bitter apple from the pet store. The hamsters dont like the taste of it , so rub it on anywhere you dont want chewed. Just use a very tiny amount and dont cover the wheel, just wherever its chewing.
                It shouldnt do the wheel any real harm to be chewed on if its metal,

                  Posted 3 months ago

                  the reason why your hamster likes to chew on the metal wheel instead of the wooden chew toys is because the wooden chew toys are not hard enough. Hamster like to chew on very hard stuff to avoid their teeth to grow too sharp which is uncomfortable to them and may even hurt them, so I suggest you buy some other hamster toys thats hard enough for her to chew.

                    Posted 3 months ago

                    I know you said you tried giving it wood chews but maybe you should pick some up with a bit of flavour in it. My hammie loves sunflower/pumpkin seeds too!

                    P.S. My hammie still chews on his wheel, just ignore it!!

                      ♪♫ Steph ♫♪
                      Posted 3 months ago

                      she can chew it if she wants. i mean, its good shes atleast chewing on SOMETHING! try giving her treats. and everytime she starts chewing on her wheel, poke her till she moves.

                        William T
                        Posted 3 months ago

                        Put the exercising wheel in another place. That might solve the problem.

                          Posted 3 months ago

                          it helps to keep their teeth down because their teeth never stop growing thats y she does that

                            momo hamsta m
                            Posted 3 months ago

                            if ur hamster has long teeth i would segest letting your hamster chew on it because then her teeth size will get smaller

                              Posted 3 months ago

                              get her wood toys or chew toys just something to substitute the wheel with a stick or piece of wood (free of pesticides) maybe try adding some flavor too the wood i dont know maybe she likes plastic and i dont know if thats good for her but all you need is something to put in place of the wheel i would say to get those clear balls that they can go in and take out the wheel and whenever she needs exercise just let her run around in the ball or let her run around your room all up to you

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