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How do I stop a cat from pooping in the living room?

A year ago our son moved home with his 20lb cat, who was previously litter box trained. All went well at first, the cat seemed to settle in with our three cats, although he was always very skittish. Then he stopped using the litter box to poop, instead choosing the oriental carpet in the living room. Our vet has found no medical problem, and I am tired of cleaning the carpet. Any suggestions?

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    Posted 6 months ago

    I have cats. There are only two ways to get him to stop. Either seperate the cats (cats do this when they are pissed off either at other cats or whatever) or… dont let him in the living room!

      Socially Distorted II
      Posted 6 months ago

      Cat’s are a bit snobbish with their boxes. Sounds like the problem is multiple cats, not enough places to go. For each cat in the home, there should be equal amount of litter boxes, in different areas of the house so not to make a more dominate are of going.

      He still is litter trained, he is training you to notice he is not happy with the living arrangements.

        Posted 6 months ago

        This may be a dumb question, but is he fixed? That always helps, and I agree with the person above, it must have to do with the other cats there. Also, you might want to put a litterbox in his favorite pooping spot, and then move it slowly.

          Posted 6 months ago

          Keep a litter box in the living room until he learns not to go on the carpet. It is a definite attitude problem with him!! Also, clean the boxes often…they have very sensitive noses.

            Posted 6 months ago

            Try buying a new litter box and buy a different kind of litter, you could try mixing it using the crystal type. Place it in the spot the cat likes going to the bathroom in, at first lay down a plastic garbage bag underneath it. Before hand try steam cleaning the rug with a pet cleaner to try and eliminate as much odor as possible. It is possible the cat may have had worms at one time and the cat thinks the litter is what caused his/her problems while having the worms. Also, are your litter boxes covered? Some cats (especially overweight ones) wont use one of those, the type with the lids. As well if there was any previous odor on the rug made by another cat marking it with urine or bowels he could be doing it there for that reason. Good luck.


              sharon w
              Posted 6 months ago

              I’m taking a guess here, but I’d say that your 3 existing cats are keeping this cat away from THEIR litter box. You need to get him a litter box of his own, and place it far away from the other litter box/boxes. Since this big boy is somewhat of a “wuss” anyway (mine is too), he’s not going to fight for litter box rights. He needs his own. Then, clean the carpet (once again–very well), and spray with “Nature’s Miracle” (an enzyme cleaner/deodorizer) at least twice–allowing to dry for a day between sprayings. This is so he won’t be able to smell any traces of where he was going previously. This should do the job for you. Good luck with this process.

                Posted 6 months ago

                my cat did this too, a few suggestions for you:

                20 lbs is a huge cat, get a much larger litter box, one that he could practically lie down in. this worked for my old big cat. pooping wasn’t comfortable for him in a small space.

                get a new brand of litter. my current cat used to think that her litter was food. it was a wheat type of litter. i mixed it with clay type and no more problems. they can sometimes even think clay is food…

                if you do these things and it’s still not working, put the litter box close to wear he is pooping, and slowly move it back to where you want it.

                also another thing, with 4 cats in the house, you should have FIVE!!! litter boxes. i know it’s a lot…the general rule is number of cats plus one, though with only one cat, one is usually OK

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