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How do I get my hamster to be friends with another hamster?

Me and my sister have 1 female hamster each, they are the same age although my sisters hamster is much larger than mine. We have put them together twice but they keep fighting, is there anyway they might stop fighting?

Another hamster question is, my hamster is about 6 months old, can she start breeding and how do I find a male hamster????


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    Ailish C
    Posted 8 months ago

    Hamsters do not get along, they will keep fighting and can fight to the death. And if you know this little about hamsters, why would you want to breed them? When you breed them, the mother can have as many as 10 babies…If the mother is any way stressed, she will eat her own babies, which I have seen first hand. When the hamsters start becoming more independent, you will then have to check to identify the sex of them, then separate them before they start breeding. If you haven’t successfully separated all the males from the females, you could end up with dozens of hamster babies. You will then have to find homes for all of them which is not easy, so its not a good idea. Leave the breeding to the people who know what they are doing.

      Posted 8 months ago

      If your hamster’s are Syrians, then don’t attempt to make them get along anymore what so ever, because they WON’T i’m afraid, and if put together these breed of hamsters can fight till the death.

      Any other breed should of been fine if they were already litter mates, if not, then you shouldn’t be trying to put them together either, especially because they are fighting already, this is a sign to STOP. Many hamsters die from another killing it, don’t attempt this anymore, let your hamsters have peace in separate cages.

      As for breeding, hamsters become sexually mature at the age of only 4 weeks. it’s quite a dangerous process unless you know what you’re doing, and when they’re born, you’re going to need to be quiet, know what age to separate them, know when to wean them from their mother, know when to start cleaning the cage? Do you know all these? I’m sure not. You’re also going to need a lot of cages, to separate male and female.

        Posted 8 months ago

        You can’t get them to be “friends”…ever. And don’t try or one of them will die because they will fight. Hamsters are extremely territorial and will fight with another if put together. Dwarfs can be put together if you buy them together and put them in the same cage from the start. Once you put a dwarf in it’s cage it will become territorial of it’s new home and you can’t add another one. Syrians (often times call a teddy bear) can never be put together, not even if you get 2 at the same time. They are loners and will kill any other that is in the cage with it.

        I suggest you do NOT breed your hamsters. They go into heat like every 4 days and are only pregnant for about 2 weeks. If you don’t know what you are doing it will turn into a huge disaster and be very cruel to the poor babies. And…it doesn’t pay well because hamsters don’t cost much and it is just a lot of work. Don’t do it.

          Sloan The Lover
          Posted 8 months ago

          If yoru hamsters are syrians they will fight to death. Syrians are not ment to be hosued together even if they are from the same litter or are breeding. There is no way they wil lstop fighting and I dont advise trying again.

          If you really do want to breed a hamster, make sure you look up/do lots of research on how. And why not just buy a male? You must put the male in a seperate cage though, and just take them out and ptu them with eachother every day until they “do it” She is old enough to breed.

          Hope I helped!
          Sloan Keychain
          Sorry for typing mistakes

            Posted 8 months ago

            Well, if your hamster is a syrian hamster Syrians like to have the whole cage to themselves, so it’s not a good idea to put the hamsters together then. If you have a dwarf hamster, this method should even be easier. But if you are really serious about putting the hamsters together and they’re syrian here’s what you do.

            Get the hamsters kinda used to each other in separate cages, but put the cages next to each other. Do this for about 4 days. Then, both you and your sister should hold your own hamsters in your hand. Move your hands closer to each other, until the hamsters are looking at each other. If they start fighting, separate immediately the two. Put them back in there cages, but wait a day to do the last method. Take out both hamsters and put them in a box, and in the box put a treat or two, a cookie or corn on the cob is good. If the hamsters eat it together, that’s a good sign, that they’re confident and like each other. But if they start hogging the treat and don’t share and start fighting, this sign usually means that your hamsters can never really be friends. Sorry to say, but this method is MUCH easier with any hamster the younger it is. Hope this helped, and I hope your hamsters can be friends!

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