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How do I delete my facebook but keep my pictures?

I want to delete my facebook but I don’t want to lose all my photo albums. They are sentimental and contain memories that I want to have tangible reminders of. Is there a way to easily e-mail an entire photo album on facebook to myself? Help!

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    Posted 6 months ago

    Save each individual picture to your personal computer before you delete your account. I’m not sure if its possible to save a whole album at once.

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      Posted 6 months ago

      Yeah..You can go onto account settings.
      Then press download information and they will send all your information, photos to your email. keep it safe though.
      then delete your account once you received it
      worked for me and i uploaded again =) cos i deleted it for the sake of name-changing
      or just save all your pics and put them all in a big album. =)

        Posted 6 months ago

        No you have to save every picture one by one.

          Posted 6 months ago

          hey you just download your profile than deactivate it…

          just go profile account setting and at the second last tab you will get a download option just click on learn more and will find a download profile button just hit on it and get your all facebook info..


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            Posted 6 months ago

            Download them to your computer. I think you can download a full album

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