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How can you send a message to someone on Facebook thats not your friend on Facebook yet?

This girl that goes to my school sent me a message on Facebook and she isn’t one of my friends cuz I didn’t know that she had a Facebook. How do you send a message to someone whos not your friend on Facebook yet?

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    ilovemySavior, JESUS
    Posted 1 year ago

    You have to search their name, then click on their profile and then click message.

    hope this helps! God bless(:!!!

      Posted 1 year ago

      Ok let me explain you! Like in your Facebook maybe you allow people to send you messages now if you go to your privacy thingy make sure you check only friends not eveybody because random people started to message me so I had to do that also! It all depends on the person. For instance, you see how certain people that you don’t have as a friend when you go on their page, you only their profile picture and female or male! That’s it but for others on their page you can poke them, message them without being their friends so maybe your page is like that! I would advise you to change it! Like mine you only see my profile pix and I’m a female that’s it! No message no poke no nothing! If you want me to be your friend just got to add me period!

        Posted 1 year ago


          Posted 1 year ago

          Go to her profile & somewhere on her profile it should say “send message” how i helped!! :) ))

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