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Can a dog get worms from eating horse manure?

    Posted 7 months ago

    no they will be fine! our dogs love to chew on the fresh clipped horse hooves.. and I expect that has some traces of manure on them as well. I was told as long as the dogs were properly vaccinated, and on all the preventive medicine (heart worms, etc..)

    then they would be fine! I have a 6 yr. old, and a 4 yr. old dog that never show signs of illness and they always get a clean bill of health from the vet during their check ups.

      Posted 7 months ago

      yea dude, im pretty sure they can, if the horse has worms, but that would be rare, because ive never herd of a horse having worms lol!

        Vice Squad
        Posted 7 months ago

        i’m sure it can

          ravan staff
          Posted 7 months ago

          No. Not at all. They are lucky to be able to eat it. Herbivores excrete excess trace minerals in their poop and it is so beneficial for dogs. My dog eat heaps of roo poo. In the wild its called forest floor litter and wild dogs and wolves hate heaps of it. Its very tasty, gives them all their greens, fibre (yes dogs need fibre!) and extra minerals. The extra fibre will help flush out any parasites also from the intestines. The food dogs eat is the last places they get worms, contrary to popular belief, usually tapeworms are from fleas, hookworms can live in the ground for years and be picked up by digging, and dogs may get it by sniffing other dogs poop that has worms. A healthy immune system and correct stomache acid is the best protection against worms so let them enjoy the manure as it is better for them than some of the garbage they put in dog food!

            Posted 7 months ago

            Just keep them wormed. You should be worming your horses regularly too.
            I am surprised at the answers. Of course they can ingest eggs and become infected. Horses commonly carry worms. Why would anyone think they couldn’t infect each other? You just have to keep them all on a regular worming schedule.

              Thats my girl:)
              Posted 7 months ago

              Yes they can get worms from other animal feaces,
              It s really hard to stop the dogs eating it so start a worming programe for the dogs & stick to it,then worms shouldnt be a problem.

                Peter V
                Posted 7 months ago

                Yes they absolutely can… feces is the MAIN way by which parasites reproduce. Some species of worms (nematoda for example) require being excreted from the host’s body via feces as a step in their life cycle… commonly referred to as a “molt” in parasitology.
                So yes, if the horse has worms, or any other type of parasite (plasmodia, giardia, etc) then the dog can get it by eating feces. (fyi, eating feces is known as “coprophagia” in the biological world.

                  Katya K
                  Posted 7 months ago

                  Yes they can if the horse has worms. You should keep horses and dogs on a regular deworming schedule.

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